Guest Businesses

See what our guests do when they are not on vacation!

One of the wonderful things about being at Elsa’s is getting to know our guests and, watching our guests getting to know each other. Many of them own and operate their own businesses and this page is dedicated to them. We hope you will take a minute to look at the listings here.  No one is paying to advertise here. Just as our guests help us to enjoy operating our small business, we want to help our guests enjoy their own small businesses and help each other. This page is dedicated to them!

Beaulieu’s Upright Auto Repair (207) 623-7647
Clean Slate Home Services (207) 441-9828
Columbia Air Services, Bar Harbor Airport (207) 667-5534
​English Creek Mastiff, Emerald Isle Skin Care and Jewelry for the Ministry in Christ (318) 579-3321
G.B. Carrier House Inn [email protected] (814) 648-8770
Haunted Routes & Shockfest Horror Factory & (213) 235-8635
Hertz Car Rental at the Bar Harbor Airport (800) 654-3131 / (207) 667-5017
Knock on Woodworks, Inc. and Maine Dovetail, Inc., (207) 829-2759 / (866) MEDOVTL
LAN Solutions, LLC, Princeton NJ – Network and fiber obtic cabling (609) 731-5706
Milne Amex Travel (207) 942-5050
Minuteman Signs (207) 512-8617
Muskegon River Lodge (616) 293-0501
MOTU Electric & Acoustic Blues [email protected] (516) 658-1131
Narrasmissic Construction, Princeston, NJ – Residential Carpentry (609) 638-6883
Rapunzel Creative Marketing Agency (877) 709-3456
Riverquest Charters (616) 293-0501
Schoodic Ferry; A service of Frenchman Bay Research Boating (207) 801-9444
Telemark Paper, Wisconsin – Kirsten Christianson – Hand made paper
Peter Teschner Painting and Home Improvements (386) 547-0604
The Welsh Rabbit and Cheese Bistro (970) 232-9521
Toasty Dog Treats [email protected] (610) 350-9278
Peter Teschner Painting and Home Improvements (386) 547-0604